Best Sites to Sell Gold Jewelry

I've dealt with many sites that buy Gold, these are my top picks

Hello, my name is Josh Spaulding. I've sold gold to multiple companies over the years and I've also researched many of them. I've found that some are scam artists, some are legit, but don't give top dollar and some are OK. I've also found that a handful are 100% legitimate and offer TOP DOLLAR for your Gold! After being asked over and over "what is the best place to sell gold" I've created this site to tell you about that handful, so you can sell your gold online without getting ripped off.

And be sure to read my article on how to avoid fraud when selling your gold!

My Top Recommendation

Express Gold Cash

These guys are by far the best cash for gold site I've dealt with. They are extremely responsive, which tells me they actually care about their customers. They have an A+ BBB rating, which also speaks for their professionalism and credibility.

I sent in a query to them and not only did I receive a response, I received a personal phone call minutes later.

They are the only company that truly pays the most cash for your gold.

You can even use their online price calculator to see exactly what they will pay, then compare to others... highly recommended!

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Also Recommended


Now Gold is my second choice. Just as credible as the top pick and they also pay high. They also have an A+ BBB rating, which is very important in this industry that is full of scammers.

Now Gold is also very responsive and seems to really care about their customers as far as communication and responsiveness goes.

They offer a shorter guarantee period and less of a guarantee, but those are typically only important if the campany is not legit and that is not the case here, so they're definitely among the top tier and one of the best sites to sell gold.

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Also Recommended

Cash for Gold USA

Cash for Gold USA is a third option when selling your gold. They are a credible cash for gold site, but they lack some things are important to smart consumers like myself.

For instance, they are not BBB accredited, which makes some people wonder: Why? Also, I was not able to find wording on their website regarding any kind of insurance coverage. That does not mean they don't have one, but I wasn't able to find it.

However, they were responsive when I contacted them and they seem to have been around for a while.

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I hope my honest reviews above will help you in getting the absolute top dollar for your scrap gold or silver. With the current global economy being so poor, finding credible sites that buy gold is becoming more and more important. I will keep you updated via this website on any changes to the above recommendations and if I find a site(s) that I believe is better than any of the above, I'll be sure to update the site. Best of luck and God Bless!

Best Regards,

Josh Spaulding